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Japan Travel Bureau (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.(200323-V)

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MICE/Incentives/TRS Domestic Inbound Packages Tour Guiding Interpreter Services
World-ranking network provides full support at the destination

Our unusual worldwide network enables us to provide information at the destination, a wide variety of support services, including emergency assistance, and help to make travel enjoyable, safe and secure.

JTB Special sales liaison activities

JTB thoroughly researches the needs of corporations, organizations, governmental and municipal authorities and schools to be able to offer them optimum services and to both plan and implement their specific arrangements. Dialogs with our sales staff pinpoint customer circumstances, purposes and project type, and the problems remaining to be solved. Our proposals cover incentive plans, public relations campaigns, education training programs and international exchange programs linked systematically with market research, travel plans, events and advertising campaigns intended to invigorate an organization, improve its image, and promote its business.

JTB Incentive programs for motivation

Incentive programs developed using the JTB network aim to motivate by focusing on client characteristics. This has proved effective in dramatic presentations of our own image both within and outside the company. Now we offer this expertise in the service of our customers, who are receiving it enthusiastically.

JTB's TRS (Travel-Related Services)

TRS include travel related services and products-for instance preparing traveler's checks, travel insurance, gift vouchers, and setting up various methods to help customers finance travel plans.

Event & convention expertise

JTB handles events and conventions as a comprehensive consultant, drawing on the services of the many other specialized JTB group companies to meet specific needs. JTB saw the recent boom in events and conventions coming, and has been able to marshal the group's information resources and know how in their service. Currently, activities center in the headquarters sales force, which caters for all the needs of annual conventions, anniversary events and expositions as well as industrial fairs and academic meetings. All stages from planning and the issuing of invitations to full, final accounting are covered, with JTB acting as the producer. 


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