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  Hotels & Ryokans (Japan)
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Japan abounds in accommodations, both western-style and Japanese. Types of accommodation vary widely in terms of style and price. You can choose to stay in the familiar comforts of a western-style hotel, or enjoy the comfort and personal attention of a traditional Japanese inn.

Japanese-style rooms
Once in a ryokan, the guest room you will be shown to will probably be a Japanese-style room. A Japanese-style room, appointed in traditional decor, will have a tatami floor. You will find a low table and legless chairs. Since this represents the way Japanese families spend the time at home, it will be a great opportunity to experience the lifestyle of Japan. The Japanese-style room is a multipurpose room in that a single room is often used as a dining room, a living room and a bedroom during the course of a day. Before you enter the room, be sure to remove your slippers or shoes at the entrance. Entering a tatami room with shoes on is a definite no-no.
Futon mattresses
A japanese-style room is not usually provided with a western bed. Instead sleeping mattresses called futon are laid out on the tatami floor at bed time. The futon beds are stored in special closets in the guest room. As a service of the ryokan, a staff member comes to your room in the evening to lay out your futons and returns in the morning to put them away.
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